Editorial staff Photo Gallery

In preparation for “The Fantasy Art of Oliver Frey”, Oli came across a number of sketches and photos from the early days of CRASH.

Many thanks to Oli for making these available, and to “Mort” for passing them on.

David Western, Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Matthew Uffindell, Kevin F(?).
c.September 1984, 1st Floor, 2 King Street, Ludlow.

Julian Rignall, Gary Liddon, Gary Penn, Roger Kean
c. late 1985, 1st floor, 2 King Street, Ludlow.

The coat hanger was for head banging to get attention over Walkman headphones.

Nick Orchard, Roger Kean, Matthew Uffindell
1986, 2nd Floor, 2 King Street, Ludlow.

Primitive film planning started late in early 1985; by this time it had become quite sophisticated. Shortly after, Matthew Uffindell ceased Spectrum reviews and was put in charge of film production. RK often helped out, but later became too busy with new launches.

Franco Frey
c.1987, King Street.

Franco acted as technical editor and keyboard cleaner (removing remains of staff sandwiches from workstation computers as well as Spectrums and C64s).

Robin Candy, Graeme Kidd (later Ludlow Mayor), Roger Kean
c.1986, Olympia, London.

Roger Kean, Greg Follis, Matthew Uffindell, Ted Heathcot
c. early 1985, outside the Reader’s House, Ludlow (just behind 2 King Street). Greg and Ted from Gargoyle Games were frequent visitors to Ludlow to playtest and preview games.

Julian Rignall
c. August 1985, 1st Floor, 2 King Street.

Taken shortly after Julian and Gary Penn's relocation from Yeovil to Ludlow.

Julian Rignall
c. late 1987, 2nd Floor, King Street

Matthew Uffindell
c. September 1984, First Floor, King Street

Mat started full time with Newsfield after finishing school in 1984, as a games reviewer. The job description included photographing the screen shots, using a 120 Roll comera (in black and white).

Matthew Uffindell
c. September 1984, First Floor, King Street

While Mat played a game and made critical comments, RK took everything down on an Apricot computer. We had two Apricots at that time, having bought the first in August 84.

Richard Eddy, Robin Candy

1989, modelling the new Thalamus Games T-shirts (unwillingly on Robin’s part)

Roger Kean
c. early 1985, First Floor, King Street

Proud in a Beyond Software shirt

ditto but on the top floor

The original “ByeBye” as Zzap Editor to take over the LM launch. LM was conceived by RK, Oliver and Franco Frey while on a 5-day “business” holiday at the Lobster Pot at Mousehole, Cornwall to work out what next to launch. While staying there RK cut off the moustache he had worn for more than 7 years.

The serious version, never used (wisely, perhaps?)