Crash for President!

‘Christmas time, mistletoe and whine (whoops sorry, wine), children singing Christian rhyme’ and all that load of soporific seasonal Cliff Richard garbage! Thank God it’s all over, I say.

Yes folks, Chrimbles has come and gone, 1992 is rapidly approaching and soon we’ll all be Euro-peeps, spending ECUs and yabbering away in blinkin’ froggy-speak (no offence intended to our French readers — much).

Corky’s really looking forward to it, though. He keeps coming into the office with frilly skirts on, doing the Can-Can on the desks and saying ‘ooh la-la’ a lot (at least he did until Nicko bashed him with a large lump hammer, now he just says ‘ooooch’ a lot).

One good thing about this European lark, I’m reliably informed by a very top flabby Euro-prat that the price of booze is gonna plummet in our beloved country when we become one with all them foreigners.

Anyway, back to CRASH. As you can see, we’ve got the mega Bounces and the last Spy Vs Spy instalment on the cover tape, as well as the return of Pokemania (now known as Poke Zone ’cos some other BAST ’arf-inched our original title). We’ve got all the other regulars — previews, reviews, tips etc — a new technical page and much more besides. Dive in and see!

And since it’s a new year and ’cos we love you so much etc etc, we’ve got a FULL COLOUR issue this month! And what’s more, we’re gonna try and keep it that way — 100% colour, 100% Speccy. 100% brilliant!!

See y’all next month

OLI FREY’S 1992!

Here you go, all — the second part of our fantastico double sided poster-calendar, brought to you courtesy of the wonderfully mega-brill talents of Oliver Frey (autographs by appointment only). Unless you’re a complete drongo, you’ll have saved the other half of the poster from last month’s issue. Now all you do is rip it out, cut off the little white bits at the edges, get out the sticky tape, stick ’em together and slap it on the wall. Easy, huh?