Cartoon Time £2.99

Poor Little Puff. He went to explore the wonders of colourful Dragon Land and got himself lost! He wouldn’t mind but he’s hungry too! Life is really tough. Being nowt but a little dragon, Puff isn’t fierce enough to eat, so he needs help. This is where you come in: guide Little Puff back home so he can have his tea. To do this, four pieces of a special pass must be collected and a toll paid to a nasty dragon who guards the gate to his town.

Cartoon Time (a CodeMasters label) has published heaps of cute games, and Little Puff is a perfect example. Cuddly cartoon characters, excellent animation and a fun story line make a gem of a game. Every screen holds new puzzles and traps for poor Puff to fall into. In Dragon Land hordes of nasty creatures like bees, worms and spiders would like nothing more than to eat sugared Puffs for breakfast!

The graphics are big and colourful with detailed backgrounds and lots of variety. The puzzles are set at just the right difficulty, as long as you don’t use the complete map and solution printed last issue!

Playing it takes me back to my days of saving my pennies and buying a game from CRASH mail order. Good arcade adventure games like this used to be seen everywhere. Now they’re more scarce. That’s why when a game like this comes along you just have to get it. Excellent and full of nostril burning fun.