CodeMasters £2.99

Everyone’s favourite computer game character has returned again with another action packed adventure from CodeMasters. Yes it’s Dizzy the egg in Fantasy World Dizzy (or Dizzy III). Somehow Dizzy has acquired himself a family of little yolkfolk, and they’re all in the game to help him along, except one. Daisy, Dizzy’s girlfriend has gone and got herself kidnapped in the fantasy world of evil dragons, ferocious alligators and magic spells galore. She’s kept in the cloud castle, and it’s poor old Dizzy’s job to rescue the damsel.

There are two ways of completing the game, as in Treasure Island Dizzy. First of all you can collect all the gold coins littered around or you can use objects in the correct places and risk your lives jumping alligator’s noses (!) to rescue Daisy from the castle. All the cute sprites, colourful scenery and excellent sound add to the cartoon atmosphere and are totally addictive. There’s even digitised speech to greet you when you’ve loaded the game up, and all the usual excellent Code Masters spit and polish.

All the puzzles in the game are set at just about the right complexity so anyone can play and get enjoyment out of the game without having to be an absolute genius. In fact it’s worth buying just for the cute graphics! Richard and I just can’t stop playing it, as each time we play we get just a little further. Definitely one for all you mappers out there.

The Dizzy games have earned themselves quite a cult following, and Dizzy III is set to be another success. If you don’t get your copy today you’ll never know the true meaning of playability and addictiveness.