by Rosetta McLeod


Cases Computer Simulations have produced a range of educational software programs covering a variety of subject disciplines, including ‘minority’ subjects such as agriculture and political studies. The programs follow a set format, involving assimilating a wealth of information, and using it to make correct decisions at critical moments. Relevant information is presented in a variety of ways: bar charts, histograms and maps are used to very good effect, and maintain the players’ interest throughout. Different levels of difficulty are also offered, and the games can be used by one player at a time or by small groups working on competition.

Aimed at older pupils and college/university students, these programs are realistic simulations of real-life situations, providing the user with valuable practice in the application of their acquired knowledge. Schools and Colleges are placing more and more emphasis on the importance of information skills, and CCS’s range of educational software certainly fills a gap in the market — there are very few educational programs available for college students, and fewer still for the minority subjects.

The programs are all for the 48K Spectrum and cost £5.95 each.