This year’s Popular Computer World Show is to be held at Olympia in London and runs from the 3rd to the 7th of September. (The first two days are for trade and business visitors only.) Widely regarded as THE event of the year for any one who has an inclination towards computers, the PCW show exhibitors include hundreds of companies who will be showing off their wares.

If you want a first hand preview of what will be coming out for the Spectrum over the autumn months, the PCW Show is vital visiting. Next month we should be bringing you a round-up of some of the goodies that are likely to be revealed for the first time at Olympia, and of course NEWSFIELD is taking a stand at the PCW Show — don’t forget to pay us a visit. We’ll be in the National Gallery on the first floor.

We’ve got 40 FREE PCW Show ticket packs, including the Official Show Guide, and they’re worth £3 each. If you fancy free admission to the Show of the year, jot the answer to this simple question on the back of a postcard or envelope and send it off to PCW TICKETS, CRASH TOWERS. We’ll be making the draw on August 20th to make sure the winners get their tickets on time, so get a move on.

There have been quite a few PCW Shows already: is the 1986 PCW Show the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th?


Jo Quick was in such a hurry to tell people about the games DURELL are scheduled to release over the coming months that she sent out five press releases. One to CRASH, one to ZZAP!, one to Commodore User, one to Sinclair User and one to C&VG.

Realising that the centre of the Computer Magazine Publishing world is firmly placed in Ludlow. Jo sent them all to us at 1/2 King Street, as the picture shows... After Lloyd got over the shock of reading the press release five times, he managed to give the new DURELL games a mention in MERELY MANGRAM before sending the information winging off to the appropriate London offices. Nothing like hammering the message home, eh Jo?


LOLITA WREN puts Girlie Tipster HANNAH SMITH through her paces. Or was that the other way round? Hannah looks like an unarmed combat natural... Watch out Melissa!

... Meanwhile Hannah raises a glass of Perrier Water (in training you know, none of these Minsonesque excesses)

Thankyouverymuch, says Hannah, as she shakes the hand of Noel-Edmonds-Lookalike Manager Steve Clear for making it all possible. Steve’s quite happy to set up a ring and let Melissa and Hannah settle their differences...

Our very own Girlie Tipster (and star of this month’s cover), Hannah Smith, is certainly taking the challenge she issued to Melissa Ravenflame seriously. While Melissa hides behind her pseudonym down at C&VG, Hannah leaps into action, donning a MONTY ON THE RUN jogsuit and jumping at the chance to get some training in.

A little while ago, Worldwide Enterprises from Birmingham staged a wrestling tournament at the Ludlow nightclub, THE STARLINE. Spotting that a couple of lady wrestlers were on the program, and being a resourceful person, Hannah got in touch with the management and fixed up a training session with Lolita Loren, British Ladies Champion...


Mark Strachan, resplendent in his bow tie, leafs through the astounding number of entries for GENESIS — BIRTH OF A GAME and looks suitably impressed

Mark Strachan (the MARK in DOMARK) wended his merry way up to Ludlow this month to show us Trivial Pursuits which is due out on the Spectrum in September. While he was here he had a quick riffle through the GENESIS — BIRTH OF A GAME competition entries. Here he is, snapped at the official Competition desk in CRASH TOWERS. As you can see from the photograph, Mark was clearly ‘amazed’ by the number and general standard of entries.

Don’t forget, the competition winner is likely to tread the path of fame and fortune... The winning entry will be selected very early in August by an impressive array of judges. The line-up consists of Dave Carlos of SOLUTION PR, Mark and Dominic from DOMARK, the team from DESIGN DESIGN, Graeme Kidd representing CRASH and Mel Croucher, who will act as independent judge.

Mel is rather pleased about this, because it means that DOMARK will finally have to cough up a bottle of champagne they’ve owed him for ages, for some reason so obscure that everyone has forgotten. Cheers Mel!