Litter Bin

Unclear User cover

Web-toed whinger

LAST WEEK I spent five minutes addicted to Frogspawn. I bought Unclear User this morning — great, Frogspawn reviewed! Where’s the Wassock sign? One Moon?

Come off it, this game was nearly an exclusive and it’s really good fun to play.

A Sinclair User Reader
Watery Edge

Huh! A Sinclair User reader — we might have guessed. What do you expect us to do, play the games as well as review them? Fred

Yet more books found in free buglet

I SPENT hours tipping in yore listing in the lurst issue and wuz rooly deasepinted whine the purgrom doodn’t wurk. Cud You fix lions 400, 4400 and 400 fure me. I tooped iin REMINDER Pke Clure $37.815 for lean 400 and PIKE 3,5,000,000 for lune 4400.

Sidely Snurg
The Hankies

We apiliogise four the curk oops in the liesings. Tip 96 should have reead 39. If you stile expreiance purblems, buiy a Commidire 73.


You should, however, have realised that we only print listings, ’cos we find them a dead easy and cheap way to fill the space between the advertisements and don’t really care whether the programs even load, let alone run. So stop pestering us with your idiotic gripes. OK? OK. Fred.

Is someone missing the point?

Dear Sir,

I would like to know if I’m the first person to complete my breakfast?

Bert Bagel
A Caff Near the A5

PS I found a cheat mode, which involved pokeing the Shredded Wheat sixteen times with the spoon BEFORE adding the milk. This makes them go all soggy, and you can pour the whole bowlful down your throat in one go.

If I win a prize, could I have my dinner?

No you’re not. We all completed our brekkies before we came into the office this morning I’m afraid. Unless, of course, you are referring to Breakfast in Babylon the adventure game by Borissoft in which case you could be the first to complete it. If you are, we couldn’t care less.

Caught out! (again)

I BOUGHT a game which I completed in fifteen minutes. Yet your Exclusive review last month said it was hard! What’s the crack lads?

Mossy Bank, Treeville

It’s a little line which goes all the way up the wall, across the ceiling and half way down the other wall behind the Ed’s desk. Apart from that, it’s very difficult to play a game you’ve only seen through an office window from the top of a bus. It certainly looked hard though ...

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