Adventure Trail


If you glance through the marks for this month’s reviews you will notice one 9 is awarded and all the rest have 8 marks as an Overall Value. This, I think you will agree, is an exceptionally high standard, and is remarkable in that every game reviewed here could be recommended without hesitation, as each has some quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. Clearly the microcomputer software market is seasonal to some extent (ie. the run up to Christmas represents a huge sales potential) but perhaps in the case of the adventure market, where the games take a very considerable time to develop, it is even more so.

So, have I gone soft with seasonal spirit this month? No, I think not, for these games really are good.

What this all adds up to is that if you know anyone who packed away their Spectrums over the summer then you should now tell them to extract it from its box and fill its place with a cushion of straw and a tortoise, because, when it comes to Spectrum Software, you’ve never had it so good.