Carrying on from last issue’s theme, let’s see how much you know about adventure games — story lines and inlays.

1. If you were seeking the Scroll of Wisdom, where would you be looking? Magic Mountain
2. The Ice Giants can be a problem, but in what game? Volcanic Dungeon
3. It says, ‘Loki arrives’. Where are you? Valhalla
4. If you found yourself underneath Mount Elk and surrounded by goblins, whose home would you have penetrated? Velnor’s Lair
5. Lots of things have been hidden in ‘time and space’, but what did Automata hide in there? The Golden Sundial of Pi
6. If you think of yourself as a Super Spy, exactly who do you seek? Dr Death
7. Henry and his son Arbuthnot have appeared twice — but what’s the name of the waiter? Manuel
8. If you found yourself in the Ring of Fire, what would you be on? Land of Beroth
9. In The Sorceror’s Castle, you might bump into its owner. What’s his name? Murtceps
10. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is often taken as a basis for the adventure idea. Name two games associated with the story of its heroes. [NB this quiz was published in March ’84] The Hobbit, and The Mines of Moria
11. Name the hit pop group who have turned Automata into a household name. Lady Sinclive and the Pimen
Look out for next month’s quiz on Adventure Games!