Writing cassette inlay blurbs is growing into an Art Form! We’re all used to the obscure ‘story line’ by now, but just how much notice do you really take of them? To find out we have devised a simple little quiz for you based around arcade game inlay cards [apart from question 6, which refers to an adventure game].

1. In which game would you expect to see a Thyrgodian Megga Christanthodil? Psst
2. Who was the Manic Miner? Willy
3. And where was the mine situated? Surbiton
4. Name the famous ‘Book’ in which the Forts of Falnon are mentioned, and in which the Xxkraan Raiders appear. Book of the Faluvian Empire
5. Name the four games in which the Forts of Falnon and/or the Xxkraan Raiders appear. Meteor Storm, Frenzy, Astro Blaster, Space Intruders
6. Henry and his son Arbuthnot have appeared twice. Where? Mad Martha I & II
7. If you’ve just fought a bloody battle across the Plains of Lacenta, where have you been? 3D Combat Zone
8. Colonel Custard made a guest appearance in what game? Cookie
9. Where would you come across the DK menace? Molar Maul
10. Blue Bearers, Green Chasers, Red Knaves and Dark Knights all confront you in what game? Ostron
11. And for a bonus point, what was the game’s original name? Joust
12. If you are trapped on the planet of Bovryll, where are you? Bedlam
13. Bill the Worm appeared in many well known films like ‘Worm Kong’, ‘Worm of Dracula’, and what well known game? Mined-Out
14. If you’re about to be Bogulised, where are you? Corridors of Genon
Look out for next month’s quiz on Adventure Games!