ISSUE 89 JUNE 1991

CRASH 89 cover



Five power-packed pages of game thrills - more than ever before! On the Powertape: Astroclone (Hewson)! Sea Battles (Atlantis!). Skull & Crossbones demo (Tengen)! On The Run (Design Design)! Soccer Cup Quizmaster (Powertape)! and Pokemania! Plus (gasp!) on your Codies tape: Phantomas, Dizzy, BMX Simulator and Fruit Machine Simulator! Blimey!


We've scoured the length and breadth of the county to bring you early shots of Dominion, Wacky Races, Dirt Track Racer, Stack Up and England Championship Special! Well, actually the Post Office did all the fetching and carrying (a bit tortoise-like, weren't you?).


Lumme! A Sega Master System console must be won! So must a copy of US Gold's Sega Gauntlet! And, don't forget, 20 copies of Gauntlet on the Speccy!


Heeeeeeeeere's Lloyd (and Enor) with another pot-pourri of postal missives! Plus see the winning entry of our Jetman compo in this month's strip! And all the news, Hi-Firers and Bug Box snorties! Hurrah!


A sound sampler! A MIDI-type arrangement! A Nick Roberts Demo Disk! Golly, it's all happening on the Coupé front this month, isn't it?


Don't let yourself be beaten to a pulp - tackle the toughest in games with more tips, tricks and tactics from the DJ who actualy hasn't done a gig for about six months (the clot!).


Take the money! No. open the box! Yes, indeed open the box and discover a wealth of smash hot games now appearing in compilation form!


Ooow, dear! Most of the game prices have gone up (thanks, Norman) so we're going to be a little tougher on the marking. So there. Games out this month include: MERCS, Shadow Dancer and RBI 2!

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Good old almost legendary backpage, eh? Another month, another set of stupendous prizes up for grabs! Yippee! Win a brilliant remote-controlled All Terrain Vehicle and a year's supply of Zeppelin and Impulze games! Cripes!

Editor: Richard Eddy Sub Editor: Warren Lapworth Staff Writers: Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts, Lloyd Mangram Art Editor: Mark Kendrick Photography: Michael Parkinson Production and Circulation Director: Jonathan Rignall Systems Operator: Paul (Charlie) Chubb Reprographics: Matthew Uffindell (Supervisor), Robb Hamilton, Robert Millichamp, Tim Morris, Jeni Reddard Group Advertisement Manager: Judith Bamford Advertisement Sales Executive: Christine Moore Advertisement Production: Jackie Morris (Supervisor), Jo Lewis Mail Order: Carol Kinsey Subscriptions: Caroline Edwards Systems Manager: Ian Chubb

Cover design and illustration by Oliver Frey