Producer: Micromania
Memory required: 48K
Retail price: £6.95
Language: machine code
Author: Dominic Wood

Your mission is to teleport aboard and activate the Self Destruct System of the dreaded SS Future, a huge labyrinth of a space ship covering 256 screens. The trouble with the SS Future is that it is hurtling uncontrollably towards the earth on a collision course. You play Space Cadet Farley, a neat looking sprite of the future, and you must collect all the destruct codes that are hidden in the ship.

The SS Future consists of five decks of increasingly complex, interlocked mazes and is filled with numerous defence droids whose prime task is to prevent you from living too long. To help you the Space College have equipped you with a powerful laser and occasionally you might discover an armour-plated suit into which you can dive and which protects you from the effects of the droids for four screens. The various decks are reached via a teleport system, and depending on which direction you enter the device, you will be transported to another level. There is also a scooter which looks a bit like a C5.2, and speeds up movement around the decks, though you still have to watch out for the nasties when using it. It too lasts for only four screens. The destruct codes are blocks which are collected by running over them. Once all the codes are collected it’s time to find the destruct button and save Earth yet again.


Moving towards the cross-shaped Transporter



Control keys: N/M left/right, A/Z up/down, remaining bottom row to fire
Joystick: Kempston, AGF, Protek, Sinclair2, Ram Turbo
Keyboard play: very responsive, eight-directional movement
Use of colour: excellent
Graphics: very good, smooth and detailed, good size
Sound: excellent and tuneful
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 5
Screens: 256
General rating: very good, addictive and everything works really well.

Use of computer88%
Getting started86%
Addictive qualities91%
Value for money89%

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